Microsoft’s first move into the hardware side of technology came with th release of the original Xbox, a console which helped to cement there place in the game console market along with Sony and Nintendo.

Since the release of the Xbox, Microsofts consoles have gone through several iterations, with the Xbox One X being the newest version available today.

We have repaired countless number of damaged Xbox One consoles since its release, with some common issues repeating themselves. This broken Xbox pictured above came into our store recently, as the customer’s console wouldn’t display to their TV. Our technicians tested the not working Xbox, and determined that from wear and tear, the HDMI port had become damaged and would need to be replaced. 

Thankfully, and Xbox One HDMI port replacement, can be performed by one of our technicians in a matter of hours, with a full 12 month warranty. 

If you have a damaged or not working Xbox console, check out our Xbox Repairs page for more information on having your Xbox repaired, and complete a short Book My Repair form now to have your Xbox One repair completed in no time.