It doesn’t matter if you own an XBOX One, PlayStation 4, or a Nintendo Switch, there is nothing worse than powering on your console and getting no image on the television.

We see a number of broken games consoles arriving into us each week, including damaged XBOX One consoles.  The XBOX One featured in the picture above came into the store first thing this morning,  the customer informed us their XBOX One was not showing an image on the TV.  One of our technicians’ carried out diagnostics and determined the customer’s XBOX One had a damaged HDMI port and needed to be replaced.  The assigned technician had the XBOX One HDMI port replacement completed in just a few hours.  Once the repairs had been completed we provided the customer with a 12-month over the XBOX One HDMI port replacement. 

If you need an XBOX One HDMI port replacement, or you have another games console in need of repair complete a short Book My Repair form to have your back up and gaming in no time!