Having repaired over 25,000 devices to date, it’s safe to assume that in terms of the ways things get broken, we’ve heard them all. Well, we were wrong.

This laptop came in the other day with some keys missing from the keyboard, which is a fairly common keyboard repair for us, nothing out of the ordinary so far. Now, the first unusual thing we noticed about it, was that the keys that were around the missing ones were warped slightly, and that the missing keys were in a sort of circular pattern.


How this came about we were told, was that the customer has a concave mirror in her room, which was in front of the window, and had left the laptop in front of the mirror one day recently when going out. On returning to her laptop later that day, she noticed that the laptop keys were burnt and falling off, and not surprisingly, there was a smell of burnt plastic in the house. Similar to a magnifying glass, the mirror had concentrated the sunlight coming through the window into a point, which had reflected onto the laptop over a few hours, causing the damage.

Thankfully, the laptop repair was a lot more straight forward than the story, and took one of our engineers two hours to complete, getting this Toshiba laptop up and running, with a 6 month warranty. Broken Toshiba laptop? Check out our Laptop Repair page for more, and fill out a short Repair Request form to have your laptop collected, free of charge.