Terms and Conditions

Conditions under which I – Electron accepts items for repair are:

  1. If iElectron is unable to fix a device, and it is deemed irreparable, you will not be charged. If the device can be fixed, or parts can be replaced to restore functionality, and the customer declines the repair, a diagnostic fee of €20 can be applied.
  2. The customer agrees not to hold iElectron responsible for any loss of data or damage the device may have developed in the process of a repair, upgrade, transportation and/or any other services carried out on the ICT hardware. It is the customer’s responsibility to back up data prior to submitting a device.
  3. Where several faults are reported by the customer, and at least one of these faults has been successfully repaired, the customer is liable to pay the full amount agreed to. The No Fix/No Fee policy does not apply to partially repaired devices.
  4. All items left for repair must be collected 90 days from the time the item is deemed as ready for collection by iElectron staff. If the customer fails to collect the device in this period, it is deemed that the customer has given up ownership of the device, and it will be taken to remedy any losses that the company may have sustained in the process of repair. iElectron will do its utmost to contact the customer when the device is ready for collection, although it is the customer’s responsibility to collect the device within the 90 days.
  5. iElectron provides a 6 month warranty with most repairs preformed, as of the 10th September 2014, which covers only repairs/part replacements preformed by iElectron, and doesn’t cover any damage, accidental or otherwise, caused be the customer, both with hardware and software.
  6. In the event of a warranty issue, iElectron will attempt to repair/ replace the part that is malfunctioning. Only if iElectron cannot repair the device will a refund be offered.
  7. With regard to known design flaws, such as the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, and the PS3 Yellow Light of Death, iElectron offers a limited warranty, covering one more attempt at repair, free of charge, within three months of the original repair. There are no refunds for this service, and the same applies to water damaged devices.
  8. Estimated repair times are subject to change, although iElectron will endeavor to repair all items as quickly as possible.


Receipt Terms

Title does not pass until goods are paid for in full.

Purchased items only can be returned, if unopened, for full refund within 7 days.

10% restocking fee may apply.

Faulty items will be repaired or exchanged if repair is not possible.

Purchased items deemed abused will not be covered under warranty.

These terms apply for purchased items only, ask staff about the terms and conditions for repaired items.

Free Collection Nationwide

Although we provide a free nationwide collection service to all of our customers, there is a return shipping fee of €13.50.
In the event of a warranty repair, we will cover the cost of return shipping, but if the initial repair is to be refunded, the return shipping charge is non refundable.
This applies to all return shipments, including unrepairable devices, and declined repairs. This does not affect out No Fix/No Fee policy, as in the event that we are unable to fix a device, you will not be charged for the attempted repair.


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