It seems that it’s time for a new Sony Xperia Z series phone again, as Sony (a couple of months ago) released the new Xperia Z5 Premium, which immediately has two things that are quite notable about it. First off, it has a full on 4K screen, and I’m not really sure why that’s needed on a device the size of a phone, but it’s there for phone Top Trumps if you’re so inclined. The second is the back, which is literally a mirror, which is nice, but is bound to look smudged and dirty as soon as you pick it up. 

Now, on this particular example that we’re looking at, the Z5 screen has been smashed in the middle of it, which does take away from the look of the device a little bit. Unfortunately the owner of the Xperia Z5 had only bought the phone a week ago, and literally dropped it once resulting in what you see above. The Xperia Z5 screen replacement was performed by one of our technicians in a few hours, getting the broken Xperia Z5 back up and running in no time, with a full 12 month warranty. 

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