With recent Samsung phone models, some changes were made to the design of the phones, making them more difficult than most phones to perform screen replacements and other repairs on them. At this point, we were concerned that due to the nature of these phones, it may not be possible to deliver the same quality of repair that we usually do with these devices, so had to find an alternate solution which would benefit our customers. 

Based on this, we looked at the traditional screen replacement process, and considered what the best way would be to improve the quality of Samsung phone repairs to ensure that the repaired phones look brand new. So, we decided that instead of removing the screen from the frame of the phone, and replacing the screen like that, we would instead order the screens and frames directly from Samsung as a full assembly and replace the entire screen and housing in one go, including all the buttons, charger port and headphone jack. 

This means that if you need to get the screen on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, S9 or S9 Plus, we will replace the housing, buttons, and ports on your phone free of charge while we replace the screen in just 30 minutes, with a full 12 month warranty. 

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