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Laptop Screen Repair

Drop your laptop? On all laptops that have been dropped or physically damaged, the screen is one of the most fragile components. We replace all of the different screen types, and sizes, from LCD and LED, to the digitizers (touch screens) on some of the newer Windows 8 models. Screen replacements usually take one of our engineers 2 hours to complete, and are covered by our 6 month warranty.

Our Prices are Including Labour

Netbook Screen Repair From €95

Laptop Standard Screen Repair From €109

Laptop 'Slim' Screen Repair From €119

Laptop 17' Screen Repair From €149


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Laptop Charger Port Repair

Laptop not charging? One of the most common reason for this issue is damage to the charger port on the laptop, from physical damage, oxidation from liquid or moisture, or even just wear and tear. Most charger port replacements take one of our engineers two hours to complete, and come with a full 6 month warranty.

Laptop Charger Port Replacement

Our Prices are Including Labour

Laptop Charger Port Repair From €85





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Laptop Hard Drive Repair

Probably the most common repair we perform on laptops is to replace a failing hard drive with a new one, and set up Windows or another operating system from scratch. Please use the link here to view a more comprehensive list of our options, and prices, for hard drive replacement and operating system reinstallation. Operating System Reinstall >>>


For a comprehensive list of our prices for hard drive and Operating System reinstallation, use the link below.
Software pricelist


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Laptop Main Board Repair

Laptop not powering on? Sometimes, if this occurs, the issue is with the main board of the laptop, and can be caused by a short circuit, or burnt out component. We can perform component level repairs on the main board of all laptop models and depending on the exact issue, one of our engineers can have the laptop repaired and back in full working order within 24 hours.

Our Prices are Including Labour

Laptop Main Board Repair From €65

Laptop GPU/CPU Repair From €145 



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Laptop Keyboard Repair

Due to physical damage, and water damage, we commonly replace keyboards and track pads on all models of laptop. Keyboard replacements generally take two hours for one of our engineers to perform.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Our Prices are Including Labour

Laptop Keyboard Repair From €85




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