OnePlus has continued to make improvements to their phones both with the hardware and software.  Due to these improvements and pricing, their phones have grown in popularity over the last number of years.  

The picture above is of a OnePlus 2 that arrived into us earlier this week from a customer in Dublin.  Unfortunately, the customer was using their OnePlus 2 outside when it was raining and shortly after it powered off.  The assigned technician ran diagnostics and was able to quickly confirm that the OnePlus 2 had liquid damage and would need to carry out liquid damage cleaning.  The assigned technician was able to carry out OnePlus 2 liquid damage cleaning in a matter of hours.  Once this process was completed the technician ran diagnostics and confirmed there were no other issues with the customer’s OnePlus 2.  The customer was then provided with a 3-month warranty on the OnePlus 2 liquid damage cleaning.  

If you have a OnePlus 2 with liquid damage or have another OnePlus phone in need of repair simply complete a short Book My Repair form to get your device collected anywhere in the country, or alternatively call into one of our two locations in Cork City or Blackpool!