The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017, and since its release, it has received a lot of positive reviews.  Speaking with some of our customer’s in the store, one of the things they love most is that it is doesn’t matter if they are sitting on the sofa at home, or are traveling, they can always have their Nintendo Switch with them.

Our technicians see broken Nintendo consoles coming into the store on a daily basis, one of the more common faults being broken screens.  The Nintendo Switch featured in the picture above arrived into us this week from a customer, it had been dropped and the Nintendo Switch screen was cracked.  One of our team carried out diagnostics and confirmed the Nintendo Switch needed a screen replacement.  The assigned technician was able to perform a Nintendo Switch screen replacement in little over two hours.  Once the repairs had been completed the customer was provided with a 12-month warranty on the Nintendo Switch screen replacement.

If you have a Nintendo Switch with a broken screen or another Nintendo console in need of repair, complete a short Book My Repair form to have your damaged device back up and running in no time!