We met a customer recently that was attending a family wedding, and wanted to take some photos of the day with her Nikon D80 camera. Before leaving the house, she though she’d power on the camera and check to make sure the battery was charged fully. while the Nikon D80 was powered on, she took one photo (of her dog, I do the same), and realised that the picture was completely white. No matter what setting were changed and adjusted, the camera continued to do the same; every picture was overexposed. 

It’s good that she checked, because she then took another camera to the wedding for the day to use instead, and dropped the camera into our repair centre the following day to see what was going on with it. Once one of our engineers had a look at it, we realised that it was an aperture problem (the aperture cable had been damaged, which is a common fault in all DSLR cameras). Gladly, we were able to repair the issue on the same day and have the camera back in perfect working order with a full 6 month warranty in no time!

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