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24 January 2020 Written by Published in MacBook repairs

iElectron is your one stop shop for device issues, including MacBook repairs. Here are some common MacBook issues and the steps you can take to resolve them yourself.

13 January 2020 Written by Published in iPhone repairs

iElectron is your one stop shop for device issues, including phone iPhone repairs, which can be completed in just a couple of hours, with a 12-month warranty. However, if your iPhone isn’t charging, there are some things you can try before popping into us.


Check Your Charging Cable

Sometimes what you think is an issue with your iPhone, is actually an issue with your cable. So before investigating iPhone repairs you may need to look into both the health and quality of charging cable. It is very common for iPhone cables to become damaged near either head. If you see any exposed wires immediately, do not use your cable! This could be dangerous.


Are you using an uncertified cable? Whilst certainly cheaper than an official Apple cable, it may not last long, or ever charge as effectively as an Apple one. It can be considerably slower to charge, and the charge may not last as long.


Ensure Solid Connections

Somewhat related to the last point, but make sure that there are firm connections between the charger and the power outlet, as well as firm connections between your charging cable and the USB wall adapter. You would be surprised at how many times something this simple can be the issue.


Remove Any Debris from Within the Charging Port

You would be surprised at just how much dust accumulates in your jeans pockets on a day to day basis. This can easily become lodged in the charging port and obstruct the pins from meeting your charger. What you will want to do here is remove the debris, without damaging the pins. Best to use a toothpick, or something similar which is wood or plastic. Avoid metal like the plague, as this is a one way ticket to damaged pins, which is a much bigger job to fix.


Force Restart Your Device

Like most device repairs, the advice is usually to power it off, and then on again. Sounds simple, but at times it does just the trick. Hold down the lock button and the volume up button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Charge the device for an hour. If your device still won’t charge, then you will need external assistance.


If all of the above fails, you are best to not try to meddle with the hardware yourself, and to contact professionals. At iElectron we offer completion of iPhone repairs within a couple of hours, along with a 12 month warranty. You can visit our store in Cork City, or book our express national pickup and return service

10 January 2020 Written by Published in iPhone repairs

5 Common iPhone Issues and How to Fix Them.

iElectron is your one stop shop for device issues, including phone repairs. Here are some common iPhone issues you can resolve from the comfort of your own home.


Water Damage

Whether it fell down a toilet, or you didn’t quite think through a dare to test how waterproof your phone is, chances are we have all had a water damaged phone at one point or another. Not saying that all water damage can be repaired, but here are some steps you can take to give yourself a fighting chance:


  • Take your phone out of the water as soon as possible.
  • Turn it off.
  • Take the SIM card out.
  • Wipe your phone down with something absorbent like a cloth or kitchen towels.
  • Leave it overnight in uncooked rice. Uncooked being the important word here. Last thing we want is anyone attempting to boil their phone.
  • A more effective one than uncooked rice if you have it to hand, is silica gel packets.


Your Phone Slows Down or Freezes

There are a few causes for this one, and most likely it is to do with a lack of storage and unresponsive apps. It can also be caused by having an older model, which struggles to cope with updates to the operating system. If purchasing a newer model is out of your budget, or you feel uncomfortable about continuing on the Apple treadmill (I know I do), there are some things you can try:

  • Clear your phones cache and memory data.
  • Backup your photos and videos to an external source, and delete any media that you don’t absolutely need.
  • Delete large apps which are taking up a lot of memory.
  • If your phone is completely frozen, you can force-reset your phone by holding down the power button, as well as the volume up button at the same time.
  • If worse comes to worst, you can perform a factory reset, but just make sure you back up your phone before doing so.


Battery Life

Probably one of the largest causes of anxiety in our modern age, is the unspeakable thought of one’s phone dying in public. The last thing you want is to have to bring a portable charging pack, or search every public space for power outlets. A quickly draining battery is most likely down to apps which are still turned on in the background. The simple solution here is to turn off any unwanted apps. If the problem persists, then you will need to get your phone looked at by a professional.


Not Charging

If you have a poor battery to begin with, coupled with a phone that doesn’t charge, then you are really snookered. First off, it is best to avoid cheap charging cables. You really can’t beat an official Apple fast-charging cable. Whilst more costly, you are paying for quality.


If the charging cable is not the issue, then there is most likely dust or debris stuck in the charging port. You would be surprised at just how much dust accumulates in your jeans pockets on a day to day basis. What you can try here is to get the dust out with a toothpick, so something similar. Just make sure you use wood or plastic. Metal can damage the pins, which will only worsen the problem.



The Touchscreen isn’t working

There are many reasons why this may be happening, but the only option really outside of hardware repair is restart your device and charge it for an hour. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then you will need to see an Apple reseller, or a device repair specialist.


Whilst there are steps you can take to conduct iPhone repairs yourself, you are best placed to contact a professional if your issues aren’t resolved through soft steps such as resetting the device. Any removal or replacement of the hardware, should only be carried out by a professional. Whilst you could go down the route of apple resellers, you may be without your phone for several days.


Instead, why not choose iElectron, where we offer completion of iphone repairs within a couple of hours, along with a 12 month warranty. You can visit our store in Cork City, or book our express national pickup and return service

15 November 2019 Written by Published in MacBook repairs

Macbook Power Issue Repair.

This Macbook Pro was brought to us by a customer this morning due to a power issue, causing the Macbook to not charge, or power on. Our technical team checked the Macbook and determined that due to a fault with a damaged charger, parts of the logic board had been damaged and actually burnt. Thankfully, by replacing several of these small components, it was possible to repair the damaged Macbook Pro, and have it back up and running in time for the weekend, with a new charger of course!

If you have a damaged Macbook, or your Macbook isn’t powering on, book a free diagnostics by filling out this short Book a Repair form now.

01 June 2019 Written by Published in Computer Repair

In an ideal world, our computer would run smoothly until the end of time. Sadly, this doesn’t happen, but we may be able to help you get some more time from your PC.

25 May 2019 Written by Published in General Phone repairs

Feel like your phone is struggling or out of date too quickly? Here are 5 things you could be doing that shorten your phone’s lifespan…

In recent years, it can seem that once you’ve bought a new phone it’s out of date within a few months. Instead of needing to buy a new phone every 6 months, what can you do to ensure that your phone stays up to date for as long as possible?

Read on and see how many of the following 5 things you might be doing to shorten the lifespan of your phone.

1. Cheap cables and chargers

Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with buying a non-Apple cables and chargers to charge your iPhone with, or not using non-original chargers for your Android device; there are many high quality options available from brands like Anker, Otterbox, and others.

Where the trouble can begin is with cheap, no brand cables that are available on eBay and AliExpress The savings made buying these can definitely cost you in the long run. For the most part, these will look fine, and charge your phone, but it can cause issues with your phone’s battery and cause it to deteriorate over time.

In our repair centre, we have seen damaged phones countless times not holding a charge, not powering on, or the worst of the bunch; the battery begins to swell and can damage other parts of the phone. When talking to the customer, we commonly hear that a cheap wall or call charger has been used.

2. No case or screen protector

On the average day, how many people do you see using a phone with a cracked or broken screen and no case? Everyone is careful with their phone... until they’re not. We understand, all phones look better without a case, but is it worth the visit to our repair centre for a screen replacement? Maybe not…
In terms of options, Otterbox cases are always a great choice, they have a great mixture of style and substance, and a slight lip around the edge of screen helps if the phone even lands face down.

If scratches and scuffs on the screen annoy you (I can’t stand them) then a tempered glass screen protector is a must, and they are a far cry from the film protectors that were available a few years ago, so once it’s on you’ll barely notice it’s there.

If you’re adamant on keeping your phone naked, gadget insurance or AppleCare+ could be a useful alternative, but relying on yourself to be careful might be a risky decision.

3. Draining your battery

Batteries deteriorate over time, there’s no real way to avoid that, but the degradation can definitely be slowed down. Also, the general performance of your device may even suffer along with the battery life, as we’ve seen with iPhones in recent years.

Something that not a lot of our customers seem to be aware of is that letting your battery run flat before charging is actually bad for it; the best thing to do is charge the phone when it gets down to about 30% or so. Another common myth is that charging your phone overnight, or leaving the charger plugged in when the battery is full can harm the battery, this actually doesn’t seem to have any adverse effect.

Letting the battery run flat every now and then isn’t an issue, but letting it run down to a minimum of 25% - 30% before charging it is generally a good idea, and should keep your battery healthy as long as possible.

4. Security

This one can be tricky, because there have for sure been cases of software updates causing issues with some phones, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cost to putting these off. Many of these software updates are designed to fix security flaws or bugs, and can really be beneficial to keep your phone running smoothly.

Another thing to be conscious of is the apps that you download, and you should generally avoid apps outside of the App Store or Google Play Store unless you know what you’re getting. Many apps not approved for the official stores can be filled with ads, or include additional apps that you’re not looking for. This is a sure fire way to cause software issues or worse, invite malware onto your device.

5. Water resistance is not an invitation

What is important to note here is the difference between ‘water-resistant’ and ‘water-proof’. All IP67 or IP68 rated phones are water resistant, including the newest iPhones and Samsung phones, but not waterproof; no gadget is completely safe from liquid damage.

A good way to think of this is as a safety net, rather than a feature of phone. So, if get caught in a shower on the way home from work with your phone in your pocket, you don’t need to worry. If you feel like jumping in a swimming pool with your phone in your pocket, maybe not a great idea.

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