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MacBook Pro SSD Replacement - Cork

16 October 2018 Written by 
Published in MacBook repairs

Sometimes devices just need a little help...

Laptops like the MacBook Pro can start to slow down over time, when this happens it is often tempting to buy a new one but sometimes this is just not in the budget.  In cases where this happens, it is possible to get them back to their original performance and sometimes make a slight improvement.

A customer arrived into us yesterday with their MacBook Pro, they complained that it had begun to run slowly over the last 6-months and wanted to get it back up to its original performance.  One of our technicians ran diagnostics and confirmed that the MacBook Pro was running quite slowly.  We contacted the customer and offered them two options; install a new Hard Drive or a new Solid State Drive (SSD), both of which included an installation of the latest Mac Operating System and a data back up.  The customer decided to go for a Solid State Drive, the assigned technician was able to perform a MacBook Pro SSD replacement, installation of the Mac Operating System and a data back up in just a few hours.  We then provided the customer with a 6-month warranty over the MacBook Pro SSD replacement.

If you have a MacBook Pro in need of repair or another laptop simply complete a short Book My Repair form to get your device collected and brought to our repair centre, or if you live in Cork you can call into one of our two locations.

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