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Canon Camera Repairs

17 May 2018 Written by 
Published in Camera repairs

Canon 1D Camera Repair..

Over the years, we've dealt with almost all manners of camera repairs, and are rarely surprised by an issue at this point. 

The reason that I wanted to write about these DSLR repairs is that for the most part, any customers we have with DSLR camera issues tend to be extremely worried about the chances of their camera be repairable, and there's no real need to worry. For the most part, almost all issues that arise with DSLR cameras are repairable, and there's several reasons for this. 

1. DSLR Users. 

Whether you're a Canon, Nikon, Sony, or another camera brand users, DSLR cameras in general require a substantial investment in both the camera itself as well as the lenses. On top of this, owners of DSLR cameras have had to invest a considerable amount of time learning photography as well as the functionality of the individual camera model. Due to this, we find that DSLR users generally take good care of their equipment, and address issues they notice quite quickly. This makes our work easier, as things like excessive wear and tear, old problems which were ignored for months, and damage caused from repeated physical knocks can all reduce the chances of a device being repairable. 

2. DSLR Quality.

As most of these DSLR cameras are hugely expensive, as well as the lenses, this has a counter intuitive benefit for the rate of repair of these cameras. Due to the high cost of purchasing the cameras and lenses, the various manufacturers spend quite a lot developing and producing these cameras. This fact alone means that the the quality of parts as well as the quality of design is extremely high, which results in parts being readily available on the market for repair, and also the odds of 'random part failure' being reduced greatly.

3. Repair Market. 

Again, due the cost of these devices, any DSLR users in need of repair tend to be motivated to address the issues, resulting in a high level of demand for DSLR repairs. Due to this, it's quite easy to source original replacement parts for these cameras, again improving the rate of damaged cameras which are repairable. 

4. Camera Life Cycle

Finally, if you consider the DSLR camera market in comparison to the mobile phone one, there are several obvious differences in the life cycles. Where we all generally change our phones every 12 - 24 months, there's a tendency to continue using a DSLR camera for a much longer period of time. Consider that Canon announced the original 5D in 2005 and it's taken them 11 years to go from the Mark I to the Mark IV, which was announced in 2016. When compared to the fact that since 2007, Apple have released 14 different iPhone models, it's clear to see the disparity. Due to the fact the the market in DSLR cameras moves much slower than other consumer electronics markets, and the life cycle of each model is much longer, this again provides a reason for the increased interest in getting a damaged DSLR camera repaired. 


If you have a damaged DSLR camera or you're experiencing an issue with a lens, contact us using this Quick Estimate form to find our more. 

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