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iPhone X Plus - What Can We Expect?

17 May 2018 Written by 
Published in Phone repairs

Just add colour.... 

With the release of the iPhone X Plus looming, a lot of attention has been given to the upcoming flagship, with the successor to the iPhone 8; the iPhone 8s, slipping somewhat under the radar. 

Despite predictions last year being that Apple would struggle to send a €1,200 smartphone, the iPhone X has gone on to outsell the iPhone 8, which was also released last year. This confirms that we may be seeing a long term strategy for Apple to continue producing and selling ultra high end phones to users apparently willing to pay a premium for a new iPhone. However, as was noted by AppleInsider, Apple will be looking to corner the younger market with the upcoming iPhone 8s, a demographic that may not be willing (or able) to pay upwards of €1,200 on an iPhone. Not one to miss our on a potential market, it is now assumed that the new iPhone 8s and 8s Plus will feature several colour options, making it similar in style to the popular iPhone 5c. Also noted, was that efforts may be made to reduce the price of the new iPhone 8s slightly, creating a clearer divide between the LCD using iPhone 8s, and the OLED using iPhone X Plus. 

Of course at this stage nothing has been confirmed by Apple, so we'll have to wait and see, but with AppleInsider being generally a reliable rumour mill for Apple product releases, as well as the fact that making colour options available making a lot of sense, it wouldn't be surprising if this prediction came to fruition. Like most years, we will be able to order and have parts in stock before the release of the new iPhone models, so if you're one of the unfortunate people that damages the phone within a couple of days of its release, contact us using this Quick Estimate link to find out more!

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