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Next Samsung Phone May Have 4 Curved Sides

25 April 2017 Written by 
Published in Company news

Samsung phone with 98% screen to body ratio...

According to the latest report from South Korea, Samsung is working on a truly bezel-less display with four curves: not just the sides but also the top and the bottom. It is said that this would allow for a screen-to-body ratio of over 98 percent, though it’s not as easy as it sounds apparently.

The lamination process is essential in the production of OLED panels – it includes the protective layer as well as the touch film among other important components. The trouble is, however, when a display is curved on all four sides, the four corners are essentially useless; the current lamination process won’t let these corners register your touch. Quoting an anonymous individual familiar with the matters, ETNews claims that limitations with the lamination process are precisely why Apple decided to settle for a flat OLED panel for this year’s highly-anticipated iPhone 8.


Samsung and LG are both reportedly looking for ways to solve this issue, with Samsung tentatively aiming to unveil an edge display with four curves as early as next year. While the Galaxy S8 duo did a remarkable job in minimizing bezels, hitting a screen-to-body ratio of around 83 percent, the general consensus is that with a screen that’s curved on both sides as well as the top and bottom, that number could be even higher. ETNews seems to think it could be as high as 98 percent, if not higher.


Regardless of the exact figure, one thing is for sure: if the Galaxy S9 debuts with four curves instead of two next year, it may infuriate all the flat-screen lovers out there, but it’s going to be one stunning-looking device.


Do you think an all-screen phone with four curves is a good idea?


Source: Android Authority

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