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Apple iPhone SE Screen Replacement - Co Cork

22 December 2016 Written by 
Published in iPhone repairs

This is all a bit familiar... 

In the modern world of technology and annual smartphone releases, there are not many sights as common as the humble cracked iPhone screen. It seems that every iPhone user has at some point or another wound up with a dreaded crack across their iPhone's glass front, or had a chunk of their screen fall out from repeated offenses. It is such an everyday thing to see someone holding or carrying a battle weary iPhone, that it would be easy to wonder how strong the glass is on the front of these iPhones really is. In fairness to Apple, it would seem to say more about the sheer number of iPhones which are on the market than it would about any perceived weakness in the strength of their glass, although these 'strength' comparisons across phone brands are well documented. 

Based on our experience of repairing and handling tens of thousands of damaged and broken phones, it certainly doesn't seem that iPhones are more susceptible to cracking than their counterparts are. We see an expected number of damaged iPhones here based on the share of the Irish market that they possess, so despite comparisions of Corning's latest gorilla glass offerings and last years ones, it seems to make little difference to a phone bouncing onto a concrete pavement.

The iPhone SE pictured above is one of many examples we have here of the effects of gravity on an iPhone, and was brought to our repair centre recently for a screen replacement. Despite the all too common problem of an iPhone screen cracking, our technicians can take the pain out of the situation for you, and have your damaged iPhone SE repaired and back up and running within a couple of hours, with a full 12 month warranty!

Check out our iPhone Repairs page for more information on getting your iPhone repaired today, and complete a short Quick Estimate to get a quick, free quote!

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