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Apple iPhone & iPad iOS Update 10.2

13 December 2016 Written by 
Published in iPhone repairs

So what's new for my iPhone?

Apple's latest iOS update has landed, so what can I expect for my iPhone and iPad? 

As with all iOS updates, the newest version 10.2 has numerous bug fixes as well as some new features. Among the new additions are updated emojis, allowing users to select from a much wider list of genders and skin tones, as well as changes to the iMessenger app allowing you to select different background graphics. 

Smaller changes to iOS 10 include the ability to save your camera settings. Previously, every time the camera app was exited on the iPhone or iPad, the camera would reset back to the default setting, but now the app settings will remain after you exit. Also included was an update to show an icon when headphones are connected to the iPhone 7, as there's no headphone jack on the newest iPhone it allows you to see if the headphones are currently connected. 

Whenever iOS updates are released, we get a lot of damaged iPhones and iPads booked in for repair with software crashes and other issues. A lot the time this can be related to a faulty component in the iPhone causing problems with the new OS, so it's always worth avoiding the update for a couple of weeks to ensure that any bugs are resolved. 

If your iPhone is not working and is in need of repair, check out our iPhone Repairs page for more information, and fill in a short Quick Estimate to make an enquiry about your repair.

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