Did you ever have a computer, or any other electronic device, that had one of those mystery problems? We’ve all had at least one that just stopped powering on for no reason, it wasn’t dropped, it wasn’t water damaged, and you fell really hard done by. 

For a lot of these issues with computers, the answer lies somewhere on the mainboard, which is known for causing the odd ‘head scratcher’ of a problem. Our engineers can perform all manner of mainboard, component level repairs on a wide range of computers, phones, tablets, and cameras, and will get your device back up and running with a full warranty.

If you have a device that just, well, gave up, then check out our Repair Page, to find out more information about your device, and how you can get it fixed today! Then, you can fill out a short Repair Request form to have your device collected, free of charge, anywhere in the country!