To be fair, a laptop isn’t much of a device if the keyboard isn’t working, and we have seen every possible reason to need a laptop keyboard replacement over the years. 

One of the most common faults we see here is laptop keyboard damage, and probably the most common reason we see is down to liquid damage. Also, we’ve seen broken keyboards that were chewed by dogs, buttons removed by children, simply worn out from use, and possibly the strangest one of all pictured above. This laptop keyboard replacement was booked in because the customer had left her laptop in front of a mirror, which was near a window on a sunny day. Light reflecting from the mirror focused on a point on the laptop for an entire day, and caused a number of the keys to melt off the keyboard over the course of the day. 

Thankfully, almost all laptop keyboard replacements can be performed within a few hours, with a full 6 month warranty. 

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