Sometimes, when you have a device as modern (and expensive) as an iPad Air, you can think the worst when it simply won’t power on any more or charge. Sometimes there’s something a little less worrying about a cracked screen, or a damaged housing, as it doesn’t have the same mystery that a dead device has. Now, sometimes, that worry is justified, and an iPad Air not powering on any more requires extensive testing and repair, but more often that not, it turns out the the damaged iPad Air has a more straight forward problem. 

This iPad Air for example was booked online using our free collection service, as it wouldn’t charge or power on, and the customer feared the worst. Thankfully, once one of our engineers had a look at the dead iPad Air, we realised that the iPad data port (iPad Air charger port) was damaged and needed to be repaired. Thankfully, we were able to replace the damaged port, and get the not working iPad back up and running in a couple of hours, with a full 6 month warranty. 

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