We’ve had a busy year of improvements here at ielectron; we’ve completely refurbished and modernised our working area to make our already great service, even better! Our repair centre has been redesigned to meet the factory standards of phone manufacturers, allowing us to provide you with the best possible repair service

Electronic waste is a huge threat to the environment, so we’re happy to play our own small part in reducing that. By having your phone repaired, rather than disposing of it, you are saving the environment from the harmful materials used when manufacturing phones. Also, due to changes we’ve been making to the way we work, we’ve almost completely become a paperless environment.

For all of our customers, all of this means that we have improved the way we work, and the efficiency of our service, allowing you have your device repaired to the highest quality, in the quickest time possible.   

Broken device? Check out Our Services to find out more about getting your device repaired, and fill out a short Repair Request form to have your device collected, free of charge, anywhere in the country!