We see a number of Huawei P20 Lite phones arrive into the store each week in need of repair, one of the most common repairs being Huawei P20 Lite screen replacements.

Yesterday we received a Huawei P20 Lite into the store from a customer in Cork.  The Huawei P20 Lite had a cracked screen after the customer had knocked it off a table earlier that morning.  Mariusz, one of our technicians ran diagnostics and confirmed that the customer needed a Huawei P20 Lite screen replacement.  Mariusz is able to carry out a Huawei P20 Lite screen replacement in a matter of hours.  The customer was then provided with a 12-month warranty on the Huawei P20 Lite screen replacement.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a Huawei P20 Lite with a broken screen or another Huawei device in need of repair simply complete a Book My Repair form to get your device collected anywhere in the country! Alternatively, call into one of our two locations in Cork!