This HP laptop fan is, well, obviously quite dusty, and needs to be cleaned. Normally, on any other brand of laptop, you could just get the fan cleaned, reassemble the laptop, and work away, but on HP laptops, there can be another issue. 

Basically, on a large number of HP systems, any type of overheating will cause a major issue with the GPU chip, responsible for graphics. This flaw means, that if the fan on your HP laptop is blocked with dust, it can cause the laptop to overheat, and randomly shut down. Long term, this can prove fatal for the laptop, and it can stop working altogether because of it’s inability to cool itself properly.

So, when we get laptops (of any brand) in for an issue with the fan, we like to take things a step further, and replace all of the thermal paste internally, clean the motherboard, and make the entire cooling system of a laptop more efficient, which is what one of our engineers did with this HP laptop coming in from Co Waterford. Thankfully, this customer shipped the laptop to us before it started causing any major problems, and we were able to prolong the life of his HP laptop for a few more years. 

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