Dell has been producing electronic devices since the mid-eighties, everything from laptops and tablets to printers and servers.  One of the many things Dell is known for is offering their customers the opportunity to build the computer they want, whether they need something simple or need something more advanced.

Our technicians carry out a variety of laptop repairs each week, one of the more common repairs being Dell keyboard replacements.  The Dell Inspiron featured in the picture above arrived in the store earlier this week.  The customer brought in their Dell Inspiron after their keyboard had stopped responding.  Our technicians found that the customer’s Dell Inspiron keyboard was faulty.  We had the required Dell Inspiron keyboard in stock and our technicians were able to replace the faulty keyboard with a new one in under two hours.  Once our technicians replaced the Dell Inspiron keyboard, we provided the customer with a 12-month warranty.

If you have a Dell Inspiron with a faulty keyboard or another Dell laptop that needs repairing complete a short Book My Repair form to have your damaged Dell laptop repaired in no time.