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05 July 2018 Written by 
Published in Sony Phone Repair

Not quite as common as it once was...

In recent years, Sony have been in decline in some ways. Since their sale of the Vaio range and their exit from the laptop market, Sony wanted to become a more mobile focused company. However, in recent years, from 2015 onward, Sony have shown a clear decline in Xperia sales, with a 7 year low hit in late 2017. 

In my opinion this is a shame, as to this day, Sony Xperias are still some of the best phones available on the market, with the new XZ2 being a personal favorite. It may be that Sony haven't attempted to do anything new or groundbreaking with their phones in recent years, particularly as water resistance was once a staple of their phones, and a selling point, but IP68 water resistance is common among flagship phones from Apple, Samsung and others in 2018, so this has lost some appeal.

If you are using a Sony phone, and have been unlucky enough to damage it and need it repaired, our technicians can repair most issues in two hours, with a full 12 month warranty. 

To find out more about our Sony phone repairs, check out our Sony Phone Repairs page, and fill our a short Repair Request form to have your phone collected by our courier, anywhere in the country. 

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