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Apple and Samsung Make Up

28 June 2018 Written by 
Published in Company news

It looks like Apple and Samsung are friends again... 

In one of the longest running and most drawn out legal battles in recent memory has finally drawn to a close, with a undisclosed settlement being paid by Samsung to Apple. 

Back in 2011, which is decades ago for tech companies, Apple filed a patent based on a claim that Samsung had stolen the initial functionality of the iPhone for their own smartphone design. Features such as tap to zoom, the icon grid, and other basic smartphones utilities were part of the claim. Initially, Apple were awarded damaged of $1 billion, which was then appealed by Samsung. Several appeals later, the case finds it's way to the US Supreme Court which the case continued. 

Most recently, the damages awarded has been whittled down to $539 million for Apple, but this was again appealed by Samsung. Before reaching court again, the dispute was settled by the two companies for an undisclosed amount. It's odd that this battle was drawn out for so long, as Apple themselves pointed out, the money involved never amounted to anything substantial for either company. Perhaps it was a competitive effort to save face by Samsung, who didn't want to admit fault more than anything. 

This follows on from a completely separate case which was closed last year, resulting in $120 million being awarded to Apple. As it stands, there are no pending cases between the two smarphone behemoths, but that could change quickly. 


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