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iPhone Leaks Show Radical Changes

27 June 2018 Written by 
Published in Company news

We all love a bit of iPhone speculation from time to time... 

The day a new iPhone is released (and generally even before then) speculation about the next new iPhone model steps into overdrive. As this speculation tracks for a few months, there are certain analysts that can end up confirming or dismissing various rumors. For people who follow such things, no name is more reliable than Ming-Chi Kuo for news and information about upcoming Apple products.

So, Ming-Chi Kuo released a new report the other day, divulging a massive amount of information about Apple’s all new iPhone line-up...

1. Models

The iPhone X shipped last year with a 5.8 inch screen, but will be replaced by a full range of iPhone X models, including an updated 5.8 inch model, as well as a 6.1-inch budget model and a new 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus.

2. Triple-Lens Cameras

Rumors have suggested for a while that Apple are flirting with the idea of featuring a triple lens camera on the new iPhone X models, and Kuo as well notes that Apple is toying with introducing this.

3. Price

The new iPhone X will allegedly be priced significantly below the €999 starting price of the original iPhone X, with prices between €600 and €700 being mentioned for the budget model.

4. Compromises

For Apple to drop the pricing significantly on the budget model, some compromises will have to be made on features. Most likely, we will see the OLED screen panel replaced with an LCD screen, a single lens camera, and the removal of 3D Touch from the cheaper model. 

5. Release

September is the most likely month for release, with the budget iPhone entering production later, so there may be availability issues for this model. 


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