The Canon 1D is a fantastic ultra high end camera, that comes as standard with an ultra high end price. We had a customer drop in yesterday with a model he had just purchased second hand, and already broken.

How did this happen? 

Well, in his excitement with his new camera, this poor customer attempted to fit an EFS lens from his Canon 1200D on the new camera, which isn’t compatible. Unfortunately, he pulled out the focusing screen on the 1D, which then fell from the body of the camera, but thankfully wasn’t damaged and could be reattached. This broken Canon 1D was taken upstairs into our lab, where one of our camera engineers reattached the screen, and thankfully the camera functioned absolutely perfectly afterwards.

End Result? 

One of the most relieved customers that I have ever witnessed in my life. Just a small little bit of consumer advise, be careful with camera lenses when fitting them, even across the same brand they can sometimes be incompatible. End result?

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