As we all know, Macbooks are a very popular device, and despite their premium price tag, they’re a hugely successful device for Apple. 

When buying a new Macbook or a new laptop, it’s common to see reviews online talking about the specifications and features of the device, and these can be really useful. Unfortunately, what these reviews can’t tell you at the time is how reliable the system is, or whether it has any design issues or common problems, even 2, 3, or 4 years down the road. 

In the case of the Macbook’s released in 2011, there’s a common fault which can develop with the logic board of the system. Basically, the GPU chip no longer maintains a connection with the board of the Macbook, causing your Macbook to show no display when it’s powered on, or even not power on at all. With this GPU issue, there’s several methods used to repair it, depending on the severity of each Macbooks case. 

Whichever method is used to repair your damaged Macbook, we can have it repaired and back up and running in just 24 hours. 

If your Macbook has stopped showing display or isn’t powering on, you may need a Macbook logic board repair. To book a collection to have your Macbook collected and brought to our repair centre for diagnostics, fill in a short Repair Request form today!