With the impending release of a new MacBook range, the rumor mill is at full power, with various analysts speculating on the features and models of Apples next launch. The key features that are being discussed for the models are a context sensitive pad across the top of the keyboard, Touch ID on the MacBook Pro, and some are speculating that the MagSafe charger will not be present on these new models, so they will instead be reliant on USB-C for power.

In addition to this, there is some discussion that the MacBook Air is about to be replaced by a 13 inch MacBook, likely because Apple feel that this is a space now occupied by the iPad Pro. 

All in all, loyal MacBook users will be salivating at this new line-up, and I’m sure Apple will deliver a premium product as they always seem to do. However, for anyone that’s still a bit shy about MacBooks due to the 2011 ranges widespread motherboard problems, Microsofts latest offerings offer a new alternative.

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