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Our vision is to quite simply provide people with an opportunity to help both themselves and the environment.

Our vision is to quite simply provide people with an opportunity to help both themselves and the environment.

The iElectron Story

When iElectron was founded back in 2010, the issue of e-waste was just beginning to make its way into the news with some truly shocking information about the disposal and storage of waste electronics. Off the back of this, our company was started with a clear vision and motivation; every single device we repair is a device saved from the garbage heap. 8 years and 60,000 devices later; that same vision still drives us to go further and expand our service locations to meet rising demand. In September 2018, iElectron began rolling out Express Repair Points, with the first of these opened in Soundstore Blackpool, Cork. 

Worldwide, 20 million tonnes of electronic waste are generated annually, which increases year after year with shockingly only 12.5% of e-waste being properly recycled. Our part to play in all of this is to ensure that if a device doesn’t need to become electronic waste it won’t, and if it does have to, it will be ethically and safely recycled.

In addition to all of this, we love to help people, and the idea of repairing devices fits this passion. At this point, electronic devices are involved in every aspect of our lives, from how we work, how we manage our lives, and even how we interact with our friends. The price of these devices is increasing year after year, meaning that almost all of us have spent a substantial amount of money on our phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices. Based on this, we realised that providing a reliable and trustworthy repair centre to people covers both of these goals, allowing us to help our customers save money, while also helping the environment.

Our Motivations

Helping People

We love to help people by using our technical knowhow to save damaged devices and valuable data. Nobody likes unexpected costs, so when people are unlucky enough to damage their devices, we’re happy to be able to help them save them money while avoiding the hassle of replacing devices and potentially losing valuable data.

Helping The Planet

Electronic waste has become one of the biggest environmental issues in the world, so we’re proud that every single device we repair is one less device that is disposed of and adds to this e-waste problem. As only 12.5% of electronic waste is properly recycled, we ensure that any device that we recycle on behalf of a customer is ethically recycled.

Repairing Devices

Repair is our passion, and we love nothing more than taking a device that was damaged and restoring it to its former glory. Our company is built on a passion for problem solving, something that all of us at iElectron share.

Our Promise To You

12 Month Warranty

Express Repairs

Data Security

We provide a 12 month warranty on all screen replacements and a 3 - 12 month warranty on all other repairs, as well as delivering an exceptionally fast turnaround time. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and safe repair centre which gives you the feeling of security when you leave your device and data in our hands.

Our Team

Meet our multinational team of technicians, sales assistants and management, from a variety of backgrounds.

Attila Preszter
Founder, MD

As an electronic engineer, Attila founded iElectron in 2010 after moving to Ireland once he had graduated university.
Due to having a strong personal interest in environmentalism, founding a company for the repair and maintenance of electronics was a way to help reduce global electronic waste and help people save money on replacement devices. This, combined with his 15 years of experience with phone repairs, made iElectron a logical step in Attila’s career. Pushing on from this, Attila graduated UCC with a master’s degree in sustainable energy engineering in 2017.

“With the rapid and exciting changes in the electronics market, I am looking forward to breaking new ground with our exceptional team. Our mission in the coming years is to modernise the company further to avail of these rapid changes, and hopefully make strides in maximising the environmental benefits to repair”

Dave Greene
General Manager

With over a decade of experience in managerial roles within various retailers, as well as several years working as a sales trainer and manager, Dave’s background and experience makes him the perfect fit for our company.
As a group of technically minded people, Dave’s opposing experience means that iElectron gets the benefit of having a management team with a wider scope and different perspectives.

“My work with iElectron allows me to see the direct impact of my decision making on the performance of the business. I have a lot of experience with analysing customer satisfaction in previous roles, and immensely enjoy implementing new procedures which benefit our customers and improve their experience with iElectron.”

Barry Power
Store Supervisor

With 15 years of experience working in a customer service industry and retail, Barry joined our company as the former assistant manager of HMV, where he had been working for 10 years.
His experience in both customer care and retail has proved valuable to our customers.

“One of the most satisfying parts of my job is when I get to hand back a repaired device to a customer and see how happy they are. Particularly in circumstances where the customer thought their device was unrepairable.”

Siniša Glušac

Sinisa has 18 years of experience repairing computers, as well as 2 years of experience with phone and tablet repair here in Ireland.
This ability to work on a wide range of devices has made Sinisa a valuable member of our team.

“As a technician, I enjoy repairing a range of different issues for customers, as it makes every day different, as well as making my work interesting.”

Gyula Ando

As our most senior technician, Gyula’s experience in component level repair and micro soldering is invaluable.
Additionally, with so many years of experience with camera repair and servicing, Gyula’s work is well known to photographers around Ireland that use our services.

“I really enjoy challenges that fit my expertise at work, I consider the more difficult repairs to be like puzzles to solve.”

Mariusz Szura

With over 12 years of experience with the repair of laptops, over 8 years with phones, and 5 years of experience with micro soldering, Mariusz is an extremely capable technician, and an invaluable member of our team.
“I enjoy my work as a technician, as it is my hobby and my biggest passion. Problem solving is something that I find very satisfying in my work.”


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Our modern, bright workshop includes industry standard repair equipment for more complex repairs, and the perfect environment for our technicians to focus on their work, but also consult with one another if needs be.

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