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12 February 2015
Published in Company news

You wouldn’t choose a doctor at random; would you?

One of those slap yourself in the head moments...

After a tough Summer, this Canon G11 camera is in need of a new lens, due to sand getting trapped inside the lens mechanism, and damaging some of the internal components. Thankfully, it’s back in perfect working order within 24 hours.

This Nikon Coolpix camera was ‘dead on arrival’ here a few days ago. As it turns out, the camera had some liquid damage a couple of weeks ago, which caused the main board to short circuit, and it now needs a replacement board and some cleaning.

This small Samsung camera had a damaged LCD screen after a hiking trip that was in need of replacement. The customer was in a rush to use it again for a family occasion, so we were glad to be able to help him out and have it ready within a couple of hours, with our emergency repair service.

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