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OnePlus 6 Rear Camera Replacement - Athlone

29 November 2018 Written by 
Published in Oneplus Repair

It's not the time of year for this to happen...

Christmas is right around the corner which is the perfect time for taking pictures, so it's important to have a good working camera.

Each week our technicians perform multiple OnePlus repairs, including OnePlus 6 rear camera replacements.  A customer from Athlone sent in their OnePlus 6 as they were unable to take pictures with the rear camera.  Our team of technicians ran diagnostics on the customer's OnePlus 6, while there were no obvious signs of damage the OnePlus 6 had a faulty rear camera.  We informed the customer they needed a OnePlus 6 rear camera replacement, our technicians are able to replace a OnePlus 6 rear camera in a couple of hours.  Once the OnePlus 6 rear camera replacement had been completed we provided the customer with a 12-month warranty.

If you're unlucky enough to have OnePlus 6 with a faulty rear camera or you have another OnePlus phone in need of repair simply complete a short Book My Repair form to get your device collected anywhere in the country, or alternatively, call into one of our two locations in Cork!

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