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XBOX One GPU Reflow

18 September 2018 Written by 
Published in Xbox Console Repair

The only thing worse than no image on your TV is a white screen...

There are already rumors flying around about the next generation of games consoles. What will they look like?  How much more powerful will they be?  Until the next generation of consoles is released it's important to keep your XBOX One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in good working order.

Our technicians carry out a number of games console repairs on a daily basis, the XBOX One is one of the models they see most commonly.  A customer called into the store yesterday with a broken XBOX One in need of repair, when they tried powering it on they would only get a white screen on the TV.  One of our team quickly ran diagnostics on the customer's XBOX One and found they had issues with the graphics processing unit (GPU).  We let the customer know they needed an XBOX One GPU reflow to resolve the issue they were having.  In just a few hours our technicians were able to carry out an XBOX GPU reflow, once the repairs had been completed we provided the customer with a 3-month warranty.

If you have an XBOX One in need of a reflow or another damaged games console, complete a short Book My Repair form to get your device back in action in no time.

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