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Samsung Repairs - Samsung J3 Power Issue

18 July 2018 Written by 
Published in Samsung J Repairs

This one always proves to be popular...

Samsung, believe are not, are by far the biggest phone manufacturer in the world from the perspective of the number of actual phones sold annually. This is in part due to the range that Samsung offers, meaning outside of first world countries they would control the market much more than Apple would. For many people that would not be overly interested in phones, or are not in a position to invest €700+ on a phone, Samsung offer phones that are much more palatable than what Apple offer. 

This phone for example, is a Samsung J3, and excellent phone from Samsung that costs amazingly less than €100. This particular phone was brought to us by a customer this morning as her Samsung J3 was no longer powering on. Thankfully, once our technicians performed diagnostics on the broken phone, we determined that the battery in the phone was damaged and needed to be replaced. This J3 battery replacement can be performed by one of our technicians in just a few hours, with a full 12 month warranty. 

If you have a broken and not working Samsung phone, why not complete a short Repair Request form to book a courier to collect your device and ship it to our repair centre for diagnostics. 

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