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07 June 2018 Written by 
Published in Oneplus Repair

A surprising name in the news... 

We like OnePlus at ielectron. We like they're pricing, how 'repairable' their devices are, and the actual quality of their products. With the recent release of the OnePlus 6, it seems that OnePlus have become a legitimate brand in the high end mobile market. 

As this is the first phone that OnePlus have released that has broken the €500 mark, customers will put more weight on build quality and design, the non essential aspects of the phone. 

From first appearances, it appears that they've made massive improvements on that front, with the phone's glass construction holding its own next to the Samsung S9 and the iPhone X. Outside of that, we have come to expect a solid, reliable handset from OnePlus, and the 6 does not disappoint. The camera specs are excellent, it's chipset is the Snapdragon 845, and it can ship with 8GB of RAM. 

However, for a reduced price when compared to the top of the pile offerings from Apple and Samsung, compromises have to be made. From looking at the specifications of the phone, it seems that OnePlus put a lot of effort into the easily comparable aspects of the hardware, as mentioned above, the camera, CPU, battery, and memory. 

A couple of years ago, display quality was something that users were really interested in when buying a new phone. In more recent times, the UHD and Retina screens have almost become a given, so high screen quality is maybe not questioned as much as it once was. So, where you find the weaknesses of the OnePlus 6 is on the less noticable things; an annoying loud vibration motor, weaker display, below average speaker quality, and a few others. 

In summary, if you want the best phone money can buy for €520, there is nothing better than a OnePlus. It's almost at the level of it's more expensive counterparts, but it's not quite there yet. Going forward, it will be interesting to see if they maintain this, just under the high end bracket and have the same minor shortcomings, or they can increase pricing another little bit (if they're feeling brave) and really take on Apple and Samsung. 

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