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OnePlus 6 Launch - Potential Apple Beater?

17 May 2018 Written by 
Published in Oneplus Repair

The latest release from a company that it's hard to dislike... 

It's hard to believe that OnePlus have only been around since 2013. When you consider that they are producing phones annually that are being compared to the top offerings from behemoths like Apple and Samsung, but are several hundred euro cheaper, it's almost hard to believe. Initially, the only way to purchase a OnePlus phone was through their website using an invite system; this method of selling phones meant that as you were buying the phone directly from the manufacturer, OnePlus were able to sell these handsets cheaper than their competitors. 

Over the few years since, OnePlus have gone from strength to strength (with a few hiccups along the way), and we're currently awaiting the release of the all new OnePlus 6 next week. Considering that the OnePlus 6 will be available on release day for €519, it's extremely impressive to think that comparisons between the iPhone X and the OnePlus 6 are making the rounds online, with the OnePlus holding its own admirably. 

Without going into the long-winded technical specifications of the various phones, the most obvious talking points are the screen resolution (the OnePlus 6 will be 1080p rather than the 1440p screens available on the iPhone X and Galaxy S9) and the fact that although OnePlus are confident that the phone is safe in rain and with some minor splashes, the phone does not have an official IP67 or IP 68 rating, like its competitors. 

Either way, considering that in almost all other areas the phone holds it's own against the iPhone X, for literally half the price, it's an impressive achievement from OnePlus. With the invite system having being abandoned for the release of the OnePlus 3, it's now simple (and possible today) to pre-order a OnePlus 6 through their website. 


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