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Nintendo Wii Lens Replacement - Co Cork - Nintendo Wii Not Reading Games

25 January 2016 Written by 

What could go wrong?


The Nintendo Wii is actually quite a reliable piece of equipment, and we generally only see them here because of one issue, which is the laser lens malfunctioning. 

This damaged Nintendo Wii was like many others that came before it, insofar as the console stopped reading discs most of the time, and would also cause games to freeze. Basically, the faulty Nintendo Wii needed a repair, specifically a Nintendo Wii lens replacement.

Thankfully, once one of our engineers tested the damaged Nintendo console, we determined that this was the only issue, so he performed the Nintendo Wii laser lens replacement, getting the console back up and running in just a few hours, with a full 6 month warranty.

Broken Nintendo Wii? Book your free collection today using our Repair Request form now, and check out our Nintendo Repairs page for more information on repairs and prices! 

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