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PS4 Repair - Co Cork - Hard Drive Repair

06 July 2015 Written by 

If you've seen this message, here's what it means...


The Playstation 4 sold in absolutely huge quantities since it was released in November 2013, and due to the current date (July 2015), anyone that bought one in the first 7 or 8 months is now out of warranty. Now, I don't mean to worry any PS4 owners, but the message pictured here means that the internal hard drive has failed, and needs to be replaced, and this is far from the first one of these that we've seen. 

On the up side, this gives the perfect opportunity to upgrade the hard drive to a larger capacity (Sony recently released a 1TB version), which this particular customer opted to do. One of our engineers replaced the faulty 500GB hard drive, and replaced it with a brand new 1TB hard drive, and installed the PS4 operating system to get the console back up and running within 24 hours.

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