What should you consider before picking a company for repair services?

Here’s a top 5 of what we think are the most important factors are to consider;


1. The Parts Used

So you bring your car to a mechanic, and he tells you that he’s going to use cheap, imitation parts to fix your car. Happy with that? Of course you’re not, so apply the same logic to your electronics, and make sure the company you choose, get high quality parts, from trusted suppliers.


2. The Engineers

Modern electronics are hugely complicated, and sophisticated pieces of hardware. Make sure the engineer knows what he’s doing, and has experience doing it, or you might live to regret it.


3. Warranty

Always make sure they provide a warranty. Why trust a company’s work if they don’t even trust it themselves?


4. Environment

What type of shop have you just walked into? What type of website are you surfing? It’s a safe assumption that a professional, modern environment, means professional, modern work. 


5. Other Customer’s Opinions

Who better than another customer, to tell you about their experience dealing with a repair company? Check their Facebook page, check their website, or hire a private investigator. Do whatever it takes to find out what past customers think. If it’s hard to find reviews? Well that’s a bad sign in itself!